Pilot, first officer blamed for FlySax aircraft accident in Aberdares.

              The flysax air-crash accident that killed ten people  blamed the pilot and her first officer for professional negligence and poor communication that led to the crash
The final report release the ministry of transport indicates that the crew failed to act on a warning just before the crash
After months of investigations the families of the 8 passengers and 2 crew members crashed into the Abadeares in June last year can now learn what exactly happened
Captain Barbara kamau was the captain and first officer Jane Muriithi on the ill fated Caravan  Flight EXZ102
The blame is entirely blamed on the captain as the report indicated that she failed to prepare for the flight despite the adverse weather warning on the area.
The duo also failed to act on the terrain avoidance system that had potentially warned then on a potential hazardous situation.
The was no pre or post impact fire as there was no signal from the emergency transmitter and the aerial transmitter had broken after impact.


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