Video: British Airways’ 2019 Christmas Surprise


British Airways is known for their “BA Magic” campaign, where they will make travel dreams come true for deserving people. This is something British Airways has consistently done an amazing job with, and this most definitely makes me feel more fondly about the company.

Every year around Christmas they seem to release some sort of BA Magic video, and they’ve just done that for this year.

In this installment of BA Magic, British Airways has taken a family on the trip of a lifetime to Australia to surprise their uncle for his wedding day. Of course this isn’t just your typical family holiday, though:

Cheryl Lawley, 36 from Nuneaton, contacted the airline in early 2019 to share her story. In 2016 Cheryl was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer and after undergoing a 14-hour operation, Cheryl woke to unexpectedly find her uncle, Ben, by her bedside. Ben had travelled from his home in Melbourne, Australia, to nurse Cheryl and help care for her three children, aged 16, 10 and 9.

After returning to Melbourne, Ben announced that he was engaged to marry his partner of 14 years, Andrew, but given Cheryl’s circumstances she would be unable to attend. Until BA Magic stepped in!

British Airways organised for Cheryl, her partner Adrian, 31, and children Mia, Ashdon and Carson to fly to Melbourne, with lots of surprises and adventure along the way.

As you’ll see, there are lots of surprises along the way, from a shopping experience at Heathrow, to Elemis spa treatments, to upgrades to business class, to a suite at the Langham Melbourne.

You can check out the full video here:

What a nice story, and kudos to British Airways for a just well done for this deserving family!

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